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  1. Which bachelor you like the most? and why? (spoilers)

After playing through all 3, Mitra is still my favourite (I chose him first). Reksa and Rama each have their own appeals, but I feel the deciding point was when Mitra was the only one who helped Tamara to let go of her past. In this way, the relationship had felt more equal in a sense. (Not to mention, Mitra is a huge cuddly cinnamon roll that makes me laugh at his courting attempts) In addition, from the stand point of Tamara being almost raped, Reksa and the Komodo's culture might not be so suitable for her. I'm pretty sure Reksa would never intentionally hurt her or force her into anything, just that I feel Tamara and him have a few hurdles to go through before 'that' happens.

The crazy amount of patience Tamara shows with Rama doesn't seem very realistic. Though I feel sympathetic towards Rama, ultimately that's all I feel there is. Pity. Which Rama also pointed it out in the game and I thought it was pretty ironic. There wasn't enough moments between Rama and Tamara that make me feel their connection is real.

I also notice Rama has the most amount of CGs in the game and Mitra has the least! Being a Mitra (and Reksa) fan, maybe in the next game, you may want to consider balancing it?

2. What makes you consider to play this game?

Art. And I'm aiming to play every VN offered in Itch.io. The beautiful cover art of Reksa definitely helped too.

3. Overall, what do you think about this visual novel? and what element stands out the most? (art? story? character?)

The real life tradition references. This is one part that I feel no other VNs have managed to convey very well. The story telling is pretty amazing either, I honest to good burst out laughing when the aunties and even the guards were speculating on the relationship between Mitra and Tamara. This buildup make the final part of Omed-omedan very believable that the 2 villages are all in it to matchmake them to be together. I thought it was also important that Asih, Yuda and Granny are extremely likable and realistic. As I have a few Indonesian friends, and based on their stories, this is exactly how their family works, very loving and cohesive. Their local community is also very close-knitted and warm, and my friends had also draw parallels how Jarkarta with its lack of trees, frequent heavy traffic congestion and how modern it is, had lack the 'soul' or the 'kampong' spirit. Your VN is a very beautiful callback to Indonesia's old ways (though of course it still exist in modern times), and it's an absolute delight for an non-Indonesian to see it. Good work!

4. Do you have any question or constructive critiques? I will read all the comments and reply to them like I do in Lemmasoft.

Answer as per point 1. But I need to mention this is an amazing game (this is the only game in itch.io that I review and that says a lot), one that I truly appreciate as a fellow South East Asian, especially because the traditions are real that makes it even more relatable and give an extra depth to the story. I hope in the next VN you are making, has real world references too! It really make your game 'pop out' in the sea of VNs out there.

Finally, it may be a bit misleading but based on the prologue, I had thought there is more to it between the distance conveyed between Tamara's parents. How her mother grew cold, but it only ended with a footnote that her father died and her mother died later (out of depression?). This isn't very well-explained.

5. Last but not least, if I make another visual novel, will you consider buying it? via patreon or kickstarter that is (since I need to eat, electricity, and such things when I make VNs xD)

Of course! Just not exorbitant crazy prices. :p Your players also need to eat, for electricity to play your VN, etc)

Hi sakuracream!

Your review really made my day! You pointed out the flaws I've been itching to know and this is definitely constructive for my future projects :"D

1. Congrats! You're the first person to notice and tell what's differences in Mitra's route compared to others! It was a hard topic for Tamara, but she did mention it in Rama's route, remember? X') Hmm... I'll discuss Rama's route more in answer number 4.

Yes, thanks for reminding me! I did want to balance it, but unexpected things happened in editing Rama's route and before I knew it, the numbers grew O.O; I'll do my best to balance the numbers in the future but no promises >< I edit the script very often and the characers sometimes act on their own *is this makes sense to you? :'D if not, don't worry, I'm surprised too about how this happen*. But usually, I'll always make CGs for important scenes/moments.

2. Yay! Thanks for liking my art ^///^

3. Yes, I agree! I believe that every character in a VN have their own purpose, and their relationships with each other are one of the elements which will make our VN 'alive', yes?

I also thought that traditional Indonesia has the most 'charm' compared to modern indonesia now >< the beautiful nature, simple life style, close knitted community, how they 'work together' with nature, etc etc... when I went to a mountain/beach/Tidung island for vacation, I always thought; how wonderful it would be if I live there. That's what I want to convey in Nusantara and I'm very glad you caught it!

4. Yes, thank you! I also want to keep having the mini encyclopedia feature in every of my VNs :") my 2nd project will try a mixture of modern-traditional-cross-country next, so i hope you can try it and see if I pulled it off or not ><

As for Rama's route... yep, I agree that Rama is so frustrating and sometimes, I just want to wring his neck or pull his hair until he is bald :")) Tamara is probably a saint to be able to bear it. But the major factor is that she has 'related' herself and Rama. Their past are like heaven and earth and she was dumbfounded at how Rama could just throw it all away when there was a chance/hope that it was all a misunderstanding. I hope this helps? X'D as for Reksa's route, she didn't reveal it because there was no need for it and she left it in the past along with her world when she decided to stay there.

Wow this is very enlightening O.O I think my story-telling skill needs to be polished until I can convey all that in paragraphs x.x

Thanks again for pointing this out! <3

5. Good point x'D thanks for the support and the price I'm thinking of is kinda in the middle area and there will be early birds in he IndieGoGo so... I hope you can get it! X')

I hope to see you around!

Have some cyber cookies and free hugs!



Thanks for replying! :) If you see this, as a small bonus to a Mitra fan, I hope you can answer this.

When Tamara and Mitra get married, what will Mitra wear on his ear since Tamara has no feathers?

No problem! x)

There are two ideas regarding this; Tamara could use her hair by braiding a small amount of it and made it into an earring OR she could make the earring herself by choosing the materials herself. The important thing is that the earring should symbolize 'TAKEN' and the people who see it should roughly be able to guess who is his/her spouse.

In my mind, the bachelors would first suggest the braided hair since it's simple and the most obvious choice since she is the only bluenette there (Rama would be the most enthusiastic about this lol x'D).