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Overall a pretty fun game with a very interesting gameplay idea. But, if you decide to continue the game past the game jam, I think you should consider some gameplay issues that worsen the experience a bit:

  • Hand-made levels instead of the proceduraly generated ones that exist at the moment. Some of the generated levels that my friend and I had to play through were a bit frustrating, but I believe that they could've been fun had they been tweaked in some way.
  • Less RNG heavy civilians. Right now, we have to keep spamming up and down / left and right on a place where we are 100% sure we can't hit anyone, just to wait until the civilians move to a place where they're not blocking the path / getting into the path of our shots.
  • A way to check the map ahead of time, so we can both plan ahead, and not accidentally hit a random civilian. I believe this will improve with level design and giving patterns to civilians, but I still believe this would make the player feel smarter by letting them make plans before they act.

Thank you a lot for the feedback! We will take this project forward and your feedback into account, we are aware of some of the mentioned aspects and have already started working on fixing them.