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Hi! Firstly I’d like to say this is overall an amazing game. I can clearly see the amount of time and effort that went into this! I have one issue though that is currently ruining my experience of the whole game. I can’t read the next pages of the journal- it freezes when i press “next”  and I can’t access the other dates or the profile section unless I exit and re-enter the game. It’s really frustrating because I want to read the updates in the journal but can’t! I’ve sent an email as well, with video evidence. Could you please try to fix this as soon as possible (an update)? Thanks in advance!

Hello, we have not encountered such an issue in the latest build that was uploaded. Did you buy the game here in

I bought it from the App Store, I’m playing the game on my iPad. 

Apologies for the late response! We're already aware of this issue and we'll be making a patch as soon as we're able to. Right now our small team is preoccupied with other things at the moment so we won't be able to commit a deadline. Please stay tuned for updates in the Apple app store.

Thank you and stay safe. :)

I have the same problem too. I’m playing on my IPad and I just can’t turn pages or other dates entries in the journal. I can’t even open profiles. It’s kinda sad because the game is soooo good but a lot is lost from not being able to access certain content. AELP.