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I am just in love with every aspect of this game.  From the storytelling and mystery, to the characters, to the slow burn of building your relationships, to having a bit of control over how the story plays out.  The humor in this game is certainly compelling; being hilarious when called for, but not during serious moments.  The world itself is so big and intricate, it's actually fun to learn its history and discover new things!

So far I'm completely in love with Koshiro, every moment with him feels warm, happy, and full of romantic and sexual tension.  But I can't bring myself to not run away with him, so I guess I'll have to put him on hold for the time being.  At least I get to play the other routes!

I have to admit, a big part of me wishes for a romance option with Hyosuke.  I just get so excited every time I see him, there's something unbelievably alluring about that jerk.  I'm very interested to see how his character develops, at least.

I'll likely comment more as I play the other routes, but I am very much loving this game!



When Hyosuke mentioned about the scar, he totally change his attitude with you and he wants to flirt immediately. So I assume the prophecy about the scar must not be bad. Like he's trying to persuade you to come to his side. So I expect the prophecy to be some special bond between them romantically? Like one sided love? Or they will kill some evil being together? Or MC will help him solve his problem? 

Now he lost one eye and I believe he hates us now? Urgh, too many quesitons! Please stop creating more knots and untie some for us haha