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I like this game A LOT so far. I would love it to go wacky places, but always staying on your raft (that's a big part of the charm for me). Maybe start a coconut company (Coconuts by mail is the next big thing!). You'll need a lot of produce, but eventually you could become a giant corporation! Declare the raft a sovereign nation, and go to war with enemy navies? Raft gets a rocket upgrade and goes to space?! Anything is possible, I love the beginning and the mechanics, just add some higher level crafting stuff (and higher-level stuff on top of that) and you're gold!

Keep up the great work, or work on whatever you want next if you think you're done. Thanks for what you've made so far, I really enjoyed it for a couple hours!

Haha yes that would be more like a mod for trading / setup businesses and an other one for battles / war.