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Fantastic work so far. I just downloaded and played through Grifter's route (what's there so far) last night. I'm playing on Android since my desktop is fried and I noticed that the Android download link is labeled v 1.32 but it's actually v 1.28.

I'd really like to play through day 20 of Coach's route. I was wondering if 1.32 is ready on Android (and the older version is there by accident) or am I still waiting for that update. Take your time. I'm not rushing I'm just curious.

Thank you! The android version, despite its name, is still the most recent public build. The Day 20 Coach update will prolly roll around... middle of next month for the public I hope (I was just approved for leasing a home in another state, so this month is hectic for me and updates!).

Thank you. I appreciate you responding in such a friendly and timely matter.