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I really enjoyed the concept and game mechanics that Light theif brought, collecting consumable powers 'orbs' really lent to some cool abilities. Travelling like a laser was my favourite but I was interested by all of them.

I experienced a bit of an issue with the last stage where I went through a portal and had a green orb stripped from me leaving me stuck in an area. A small oversight but still was extremely fun and engaging.

The Music was light and easy to listen to and the sound effects were nice touches without being to annoying. I liked the tutorial text at the beginning (some of the text was cut off, but was still readable) and some of the story dialogue.

Was really cool would love to see more :)

No... That was the point of the last level. It has a solution even if you lose your orb. 

Anyways I will keep the things of the text in mind. 

Thanks for playing my game :D