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So I incorporated a similar fix to rainybyte's - I can enter the game on Mac OSX. However, it's pretty laggy, harsh on GPU and music doesn't play (despite the title music playing, only sound effects work). I can't see the framerate, but I'd put it under 20fps. For reference, I can play games like Hearthstone, Shovel Knight, Braid and Undertale on this Mac at full fps.

Since the err.log doesn't really show me much, aside from there being a type error (trying to multiply an int by a float), I can't really help much until I look at this through a profiler (which I might try later).

Anyways, to get it to run, getting rid of the typing conflicts should help?

Edit: So I got around on using a profiler on it. The CPU usage seems to be in the right places (updating object logic and rendering). Instrumenting the game kills my fps, so I didn't play much, took me like 2 minutes to get through the first cutscene lol. For me, the profiler wasn't much help :/