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Updating the game on Itch is confusing as hell because it is not packaged to be installed by the desktop Itch app. I assume you know this already, but it would be so great if you could address this, because right now for example I have no idea what to download or where from. The update says it is 1.059.03 from May, but the Changes mention 1.058.03 (is this a typo?) and the download file mentions February. So where is the update? In the main 1gb installer? Or is it in the small file that unlocks the game for the buyers? What do I download?

Then Itch does not recognize that I already paid for this and wants me to request the download links again, which does not do with games that can be updated directly by the app.

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The game uses an installer which is why it doesn't work with the itch launcher. When we first put it on itch that launcher wasn't available. But... we are working on making it work with it and hope to figure that out soon (it's not as straightforward as the Steam launcher).

To update the game, just download the free download from the itch page. That's it. The full download of the "core" game is the updated version. Once we get it all set up with the itch launcher then the patches will be smaller, but for now it is a full download.

If you've already installed the Extra Goodies to unlock the full version then there's no need to reinstall them.

If itch is not seeing that you purchased, then I'm not sure why that is. When you go to this page, do you see your download links for the game?

The 1.058.03 was a typo, yes. I just fixed it, thanks!

Hi, thanks for replying. I did manage to install it, although at first I installed it directly over the existing folder and the game did not run (stuck on first screen, no menu)s. After uninstalling and re-installing from zero it worked and it was already activated.

Excellent, thanks for bearing with us. :)