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I'm Japanese. The atmosphere of Japan is well expressed, and I was impressed when I studied about Japan properly.
I heard something like opening and closing the door. Is she wandering around? I didn't understand that.
Making bills by myself makes me nervous and fun.
I can't wait for the final version.
It's a shame that I have to reduce the image quality on my PC, but it's still a very beautiful graphic.
Thank you for making a great game!

Thank you! We wanted to represent your culture the best we could. Also, the Japanese translations are made by ourselves, sorry if there are any mistakes. If you find something that is not translated correctly please let us know and we will change it. For the full game we will hire professional localization. 

The Japanese translation is a little strange in places, but it is understandable enough. It's probably in a similar state to my English.
In the demo version, it may be fine as is. I'm glad it supports the Japanese language.

Thanks for the understanding.