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Doh! Sorry about that. Thanks for the heads up.

I just tried running the latest build on my Mac and I was able to start a new game without issue, so there must be some sort of difference between our machines that's causing the issue. Do you know what version of OSX you're using?

I'm guessing there's probably an error printing out that would give me some direction on what's causing the issue. If you have a chance, can you try launching the game from Terminal and send me the full error message that prints out? You can launch it using this command:

open -W ~/Downloads/

The "~/Downloads/" in there is the path to the game on your machine. If you just downloaded it to the default OSX location, that command should work as-is, otherwise you would just need to update that last argument to path on your machine. If you have trouble with that, let me know and I can post a new build that will send the output to a log file instead (I've been meaning to do that anyways).

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Actually the game runs fine if not launched from inside the app. Either via command line or just double clicking the app is ok.

I quickly searched for logs of and there isn't much. Only this:

[2017-04-16 @ 10:13:53.144] [reactors/tasks] Have a cave for game 79280, launching
[2017-04-16 @ 10:13:53.145] [reactors/tasks] Starting cave d02d0035-8cf6-4ab4-a37a-5a7faaf6d484
[2017-04-16 @ 10:13:53.147] [reactors/tasks] Starting launch (78f2fdfe-6bbb-4f05-831b-0b62705f7fcc)...
[2017-04-16 @ 10:14:22.847] [reactors/tasks] launch ended, no result
[2017-04-16 @ 10:14:22.849] [reactors/tasks] game 79280 just exited!

Oh wow, weird! Thanks for the details, it's greatly appreciated. I'll play around with it to see if I can figure out what's going on there.


Based on the issue you raised here, I setup an error reporting service for the game and I was able to track down a couple hard-to-reproduce bugs as a result. I was never able to reproduce the original issue, but hopefully some of the other fixes have taken care of the problem. If not, I should have more data to work with if you or anybody else hits the issue again. Thanks again for the help!