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Really great tool for editing tile maps. I work on my current project and I use TILED for creating my level maps (3 tile layers and 1 object layer).  Very intuitive user interface, pure fun to design tiled based levels. This editor should be the 1st choice! I wrote a my own TMX-file loader in BLITZMAX for loading and rendering tile maps.

best greetings


A lot of BlitzMax game developers are at SyntaxBomb but no one uses this Tiled Map Editor. Your TMX-file loader sounds very excellent! May I ask a question? Any chance to allow other people to use this excellent loader? Thanks a lot. 

Hi rcbasicfans, I added a new project to my itch account with the BlitzMAX source code of my TILED-MapEditor TMX-Loader. It´s a simple approach and need some further additions. But the basics are working fine. I wrote this class for my puzzle game project. Greetings AXGS  P.S. rare comments in the source code are in german, because my native language is german.


Hello, thank you very much.  Actually, my programming knowledge is limited. I will look into your program closely. Thanks again!!!

One more thing, I see a new member's name on the homepage of SyntaxBomb today. This description:

"Latest Member: axg74" 

axg74  is similar to axgs. Perhaps you registered. I want to remind you that new member needs to write at least one post because of this:,7506.msg347040546.html#msg347040546

Thanks again!!! Bye!