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Hey, also created an account just to say really liked the initial demo and the potential it showed for a really interesting game. Occasionally I had a few problems with the UI and getting actions to work (not sure if it's my setup?) but got their eventually. Enjoyed the initial enthral, rebel and then generally cause chaos & upset and going to continue to play around with rituals.

What are your plans for the future with this? How do you see it developing?

Thanks for the response, again, flattered that I'm considered reason enough for account creation. UI actions are sometimes problematic. I thought I'd found the cause, but apparently not. Unity's interface stuff is still new to me, so there'll be a few issues till I really get to grips with it.

I've got plans for a kickstarter. Didn't initially, but it's gotten a much better response than expected, and I've found myself with more free time than expected, so I figured I'd give it a shot. Short term plan is to release approximately weekly updates here, till it looks "Kickstarter ready" then try to raise money for art/music/polish the UI/final features.

I'll post updates on twitter https://twitter.com/bobby2hands if you want to be notified when I release something.

Thanks again for your time