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I can't get 4 endings . I can only get 2 . The one where Erica kisses Kotoha (my favourite) and the where Erica kisses Sara . Does somone have a guide or something ???

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Hi! Thanks for playing our first release!

Because there's already a paid guide above and we don't want to undermine anyone's purchase, we'll stick to only sharing a few tips to getting all of the endings.

Kotoha's good ending (you've gotten this):

- This is the easiest ending to get overall. Just be nice to her.

- You're almost guaranteed to get this ending on your first try.

Kotoha's bad ending:

- There is only one specific choice set that leads to it, so it's technically the most difficult ending to get. May take trial and error.

- You only need 3 affection points with her in the common route to get onto her route. Do not get any more than the minimum points needed. Focus on Sara after that.

- Don't raise her affection at all during her route. Be mean/rude/harsh/inconsiderate.

Sara's good ending (you've gotten this):

- This is the second most difficult to get ending.

- More than anything, be honest with Sara. But, you should also be nice and avoid making fun of her.

Sara's bad ending:

- Bad choices will lower her affection for you. Take advantage of this.

- Be nice to Kotoha and depend on her. Be rude and patronising to Sara.

Thanks very much.I loved this game and all the endings,especially the Sara´s bad ending.