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Alright, here are some bugs I noticed after messing around in the Sandbox for a while:

1) If you time it right, you can jump off the water before it kills you

2) Sometimes when I hang myself on a wall, I am unable to move sideways or vault over the top of the wall. I think it happens when I'm near the corner of the wall, but not sure.

3) Sometimes after a jump my character won't grab onto the wall at all - that might be purely my fault though, maybe I was too far away.

Also, do you plan on making the game slow and methodical or fast and about reflexes? Just curious, because the gameplay could support both of these ways.

Anyways, really good job, you're making a great progress with the game!

Yeah and the Discord invitation sadly doesn't work for me, maybe it's expired or something?

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I work like a machine since there isn't much else to do during this pandemic. I feel like I've watched everything on Netflix... :(

Odd that the Discord link doesn't work... Can you DM me on twitter? I can send you a personal link.

1) interesting. I'll have to try and replicate this

2) Yeah this one is the worst, I have a plan on how to fix it, just gotta try it. It does happen at the edge of wall faces. I think on all 4 edges.

3) I'd need more specific instructions on how to replicate - or a video perhaps. Let's try and get you set up on Discord!

And on how the game will eventually be, I plan on making it slower and more methodical, with optional portions that are very difficult to get to, or even secrets that are little sandbox levels like this one. This current layout is so that I can test as many gameplay elements as possible in a densely packed area. So no NPCs, story, or pacing at all.

Right now, my vision is something like Darksouls mood and pace, with a Mario 64 gameplay loop (not necessarily the jumpiness). But let's see how it pans out...