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Enjoyed this demo very much, now about to go back that Kickstarter!

I do think some defending against the enemies would be good (appreciate could be a later unlock) as it was the only clunky bit about this game! ;)

Best of luck! 

ps. perfect controller support for me, xbox one official controller

Thanks! And very glad you enjoyed the demo!!! As stated on the disclaimer at the beginning, we are well aware the demo isn't perfect and that there are many things to improve... We also know that playing with keyboard is not the best, but well, everything should work properly! And thanks for backing our campaign! Please spread it out there!

Thank you for the reply. I absolutely I will spread the word! 

Totally undertstood regards improvemnts - fully expected with alpha/beta demos or teasers :) - I  feel feedback will always be a benefit to the development focus. 

I must check out your other title next!

All the best