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I just read the changelog,  I didn't know the  hyperlactation's image wasn't transparent either. So here is the corrected image if you still don't have it (this one was a bit more problematic so I plan to edit it further tomorrow but for now here is the current one):

You’re awesome, thanks mate!

uhh, how do we convert these into the import files that godot seems super picky about? or do we just edit the resource loader?

You have to do it from inside of the godot engine while a project is loaded. The issue is that it’ll error out even if you have it loaded from one project and try to show the files in another. It’s finicky as hell.

Basically, I have to load it into my “aricsexpansion” project so it can create the import file specific to that project so it can load. Then I have to pick the files out of .import and add them to the .import that’s copy/pasted in the “Important” folder so it’ll show with the same location and project number for everyone else. Easy!

got it, thanks very much :D