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This game was so different from your last one, Dead Loop! I was surprised by the tone, but I really enjoyed play it, it's one of the best Stanley Parable-inspired games I've ever played. You did a really got job keeping things fresh and fun, and the narration was on par with Stanley Parable itself! Kudos to you across the board, really fun experience.

Only gripe I would have is the lack of plot. After the introduction it's sort of...forgotten it seemed like, in favor of just silly antics. I'm sure you have more in mind for the full version, but that's just something that stuck out. Apart from that, it's pretty hard for me to find stuff to complain about!

Watch my Lumps Play! If you're new, Lumps Plays = pop-up commentary like VH1 from back in the day. Check me out for a fresh take on the Let's Play formula, you'll like it :P