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I'm glad this game has great and friendly developers! I'm up for reporting bugs as long as the developers notice them, and you are! :D

Thanks again

~Daddy Bleach


This game is for you, for everyone, please report any bugs you find or any issues or suggestions, it will always be greatly appreciated and fixed as fast as I possibly can,

Thanks alot for the support, really appreciated,


I am a graphics designer and i truly know how time consuming a project of a large scale can be, although no body purchases my art, i respect that you are acknowledging the community and taking in what they say! :)

~Clorox Bleach

It is definitely very time consuming, especially with my other projects and Thesis now that I'm in the last month of school, Keep working on your art, Luck happens when hard work meets opportunity.

The community is what is most important, thanks for all the support,


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Being a graphics designer, i find it hard to get an audience. In fact, i've never sold a peice of art. Would you be able to give me some tips on how to grow as a designer? :)

~Daddy Bleach

For graphics design nothing will make you grow more than working with people to use your vision in achieving what they want. I suggest always try to layout things in pencil first. Even if you make little 1 inch chicken scratch thumbnails with squigles for what the text would be it lets you try out different layouts almost instantly and if it doesnt work as a chicken scratch sketch it probably wont work too well as a finished pieced. Working straight on the computer really slows the process and at first what you really want is get all the possibilities out there visually as fast as you can.

Also ALWAYS use a grid no matter how small or big the cells of the grid are it will immediately improve your work. Also fonts, reduce the amounts of fonts as much as possible (Each size of a font also counts). Make the difference in font sizes by atleast 3pt anything less will feel sloppy. If you make a title text size font and a body text size font it should be consistent throughout the project.

Some books you can look into:

Josef Muller-Brockman: Grid Systems

Ellen Lupton: Thinking with Type

Adrian Shaughnessy: How to be a Graphic Designer without loosing your soul

Museums also help and looking at work by people considered masters,

Hope this helps you out,


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Is there anyway i could contact you in private? because there is some things i would like to talk about :)


Sure, you can reach me at rafi@muifwego.com