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Yes I did haha 😂

I haven't really used Unity in a long time so I thought it would be good to do a short tutorial for a base. Turns out I didn't really need it, everything came pretty easily and I didn't end up using any of the code / most of the practices from the tutorial, opting for my own (he calls GetComponent every frame in the tutorial which even I know is a horrendous idea), BUT I did definitely steal the nice-looking striped ball concept haha! Jonas makes much prettier games than I; I have terrible sense, skill, and ideas when it comes to art and visuals.

I had skimmed through that tutorial when it came out as it seemed good, and it was the main Unity tutorial I pointed people to learn. It was good to properly go through it and mostly follow along just so that I can further verify that's it's a well-done tutorial and can continue to recommend it to my friends in good conscious.