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Just played this build of the game! I love the little details that you've added to the environments. However, here are some things I noticed:

- I was able to glitch through The Wall (like THE Wall) playing as both Jazz and Azul. I was able to get onto the Jazz side as Azul, and vice-versa.

- I was able to glitch (and sometimes just walk) through the barriers and fences (ie. the ones beside The Wall on Jazz's side) as both characters. This allowed me to explore the town(s) as both characters. This also includes the barbed wire fence (by the wheat field) near The Spot on Jazz's side.

- When I was speaking to Dinah on Jazz's side, I noticed that she was transparent, and you could walk through both her and her counter. When I walked through her too far, I fell through the floor into the white abyss.

- In both character's journals, it says "Avoid all adults and parents." This confused me when I was playing as Jazz; I saw the Guard, and thought that I had to avoid him at all costs. This is what led me to discovering that I could walk and glitch through the barriers, as I was trying to progress the game (find the tracks, hopscotch, and the mosaic) without being seen. Also, you can walk through the barrier and bypass the guard.

- Once you're inside the town (which I now know I was not supposed to be in), you can sort of fly by the fire pit by going up the stairs to the mayor's stage.

- Like sb30 stated, after you reach the spot, all of the adults on Jazz's side disappear.

- The voices and the scene with The Spot, you stand there, unable to move for a really long time. Maybe consider triggering the voices on the way to The Spot? It just felt like a really long time to stay in once place.

- After the scene with The Spot, I had no idea that I was supposed to find Dinah. I actually read a comment here to find out that I had to go into the store (instead, I snuck and glitched through town trying to find the Hopscotch, as mentioned above).

- For the next build, will the background music be returning? I loved that part of the first build, and was disappointed that this version was played in silence (with the exception of the VAs).

- When you become Jazz after finding The Spot is Azul, the transition is very abrupt and kind of confusing.

- Sometimes I found the game stuttering, though it would tend to correct itself if I stopped moving for a second before resuming (this may also be my PC though).

All this aside, I really loved experiencing the world with the characters' voices, and I love the premise of the story. I appreciate the adjustment in the walking speed, and the how I am no longer getting stuck on curbs (though I can get over the garbage bags to jump off buildings :P). Having explored more than I probably should've been able to, I think that the world, especially on the Jazz side, is super immersive. I'm excited to see where this goes, and what Jazz and Azul manage to get up to! :)

** Update from a second playthrough:
- I managed to walk through the wheat field in Jazz's area, and glitched through the mountain/hill on the other side. It's possible to die, if you're not careful, as that's where the end of the map is.

- While playing Azul's side, I was able to walk through the store before it opened (I think the door was solid, but I was able to walk through the sides). Also, I was clicking the door and kind of standing diagonally to it (admittedly, I didn't have the sound on, so I was clicking the Priest, running back to the door, and seeing if I could get in), and I'm not sure what quite triggered this, but as I was clicking I think I might've slightly moved forward, and suddenly I fell through the floor. Again, not quite positive how I managed to accomplish that, but I did? :P