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I LOVE this game!! But I have a question... The first time I played it i got far enough in the story, saved and closed the game. When I came later and opened the game it didn't have the save file so I had to start from the beginning. This happened 3 times already. I reinstalled  the game, and hope it will save this time. If it doesn't, is there anything I can do??

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Hello :) for every rpg game there isn't auto save; before opening the app, drag with the cersor the file "Save01" and leave it onto the app (pocket mirror). When the game opens instead of "Gaze" click "Recollect" and choose the save file 

Thank you so much !!!!!

I'm sorry but I'm a little bit confused at the "drag with the cetsor the file save01 and leave it onto the app" where can I find the "Save01" file?

When you make a save into the game this save becomes a file named Save01. If you make four saves for example the files will be: Save01, Save02 etc and these files appear right below of the Quick_Save file (where it says Pocket Mirror. exe, right below there are the files: Pocket Mirror.ini, Pocket Mirror.rgss3a, Quick_Save. Right after Quick_Save the files Save01 etc take place) If you haven't saved the game there will be no file.