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When you make a save into the game this save becomes a file named Save01. If you make four saves for example the files will be: Save01, Save02 etc and these files appear right below of the Quick_Save file (where it says Pocket Mirror. exe, right below there are the files: Pocket Mirror.ini, Pocket Mirror.rgss3a, Quick_Save. Right after Quick_Save the files Save01 etc take place) If you haven't saved the game there will be no file. 

Lovely game!!

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Hello :) for every rpg game there isn't auto save; before opening the app, drag with the cersor the file "Save01" and leave it onto the app (pocket mirror). When the game opens instead of "Gaze" click "Recollect" and choose the save file 

Can we get a bonus of Clyde & Dahlia'S confession? I new from the start that they love each other <3  It's a cliffhanger that you left us wondering T_T    So... once you have free time could you do it? (of course it's your game you decide, I just couldn't help asking :3 )

Will we have a romance for Neil & Luna? The part when he blushed ( when he asked selena what Luna was saying) was everything 😍😍😍