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While I do acknowledge that this a demo, and thus isn't completely finished, there were quite a few glitches, both visually and gameplay-wise that made playing this difficult. For instance, the card that shows up on screen when the battle begins didn't dissappear. It just stayed on my screen, blocking some parts of the game. Also, the collision detection felt weird, I couldn't walk quite right when there was a doorway or something else. Also, this is a bit of a small thing, but the animations for the enemies being hurt felt a little lazy, as the sprite just moved back and forth.

Again, I understand that this a work in progress, and this shows a lot of potential, but these are just a few things that I noticed. I'm still excited to see this game grow and change.

Thank you so much for trying the game! We plan to update the visuals and smooth over the gameplay glitches as we receive feedback like this! Thank you for playing!