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yas yas ,love this stetics,i like make a game with this concepts and style ,lov it *____*

oh yes loco bro this scena … 

this momnt is Fuckyeeaaah!

ciao bro loco voooddo come stai? end quarantena spain? here italy free but only mascherina walk lol …. my game end ? hope dont miss lol ahhahahah this my favortive anime and game dreamcast sega...berserk epic

Here too many walks hahaha,can you go out now?, but I did not go out much, oh yes,too,I added you in a beat em up, the project broke but it is already taking shape, it is not 2d but it is a retro style, *____* What title would you give it?

the style that I would call "ArcadeCore" :D lol you can go out here even if people are still afraid ... you know we always live in doubt this fault of those who manage world medicine want money with vaccine and bad thing ... always the fault of ILLUMINATI

yooou queeen,I agree, they handle everything and everyone, the best thing is to move in the shadows, imagine that the vaccine is dodgy, it would happen like in the last of Us loool



big movie,and the concept is intersant ,this with ambient sci fi is simila a one projects, *____+.I think I have too many, hahahaha