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Hello! I am SO excited for this game to be complete...I played the demo months ago, but wanted to experience it in full from beginning to finish, so I have been waiting... I like to play my Visual Novels from start to finish, one route at a time.

I realize you are taking your time with this project, so there's absolutely no rush, but how long do you think it'll take to be fully complete?

Thank you so much! Keep up the excellent work!

Also, I hope there's a way I get to have some fun with sexy Panther Professor...

I understand what you mean there! So happy that you did enjoy what you played though :D

I really don't have any way to estimate a completion time for it. 1 route is nearing completion, but there are still 4 others to do (and I'd even like to add a couple more guys!), but... we'll have to see how things go!

Oh please add more guys!!! Take your time with this project - it would be better as a grand experience. (especially if that Panther Professor becomes a dating option....... <3 )

Take your time. Thanks for the reply. :)