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I knew from the thumbnail that I was going to adore this game. After playing, I LOVE this game. Everything about it was so cute. Even the sound Cilantro makes when speaking! I'm gonna need to draw  Cilantro in my sketchbook after this. 

Thank you for making a fun little game <3

If you do draw her, please share it with us! You can tweet us @3HalvesGames. Always love to see fanart!

Thanks for commenting on the voice sound effect! This is only my sixth or so time making a sound like that. Last time I used only simple sinusoids or square waves, this time I experimented with superimposing some sawtooth in there, too.


I'll be sure to share the fanart on twitter!  She's so cute <3

You should definitely keep experimenting with the voice sound effect! The one here was really pleasant to listen to.