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Simply fun! It was nice to line 4 planets up. When I got close to lining them up I think of the meme,


I had a hard time playing without a controller though. It would be nice if the keys to speed up the planets were all next to each other in the same row on the keyboard. It was still quite fun to play and definitely would be a lot nicer with some ambient music. Good job man! Keep up the good work!

Perfect meme for the game. :-D

You can remap keys in the ESC menu, I probably should mention that in the Controls section.

And I’m planning to compose a simple track for the game. It should be fun, since I have never composed music before. :-)

Thanks for playing, I’m glad you liked it!


Oh cool! What are you planning to use to compose music? I personally use Bosca Ceoil but I'm already starting to feel it's limitations :P    It's a really good for game jams though because it's easy to make small melodies with it.


Since this is a TIC-80 game I have to use its internal music editor. But outside of TIC-80 I would like to try Bosca Ceoil as well. And maybe LMMS for something more complex.