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This game is a great game and is amazing for people to learn how to live with the corona virus going on. It is extremely addictive but is very fun and informative. My high score was 1 billion lives saved which I was very proud of because I can actually be saving that many by avoiding people in real life. I thought it was also very good technology wise as it does not lag or glitch and you can control it very well. All the characters look very cool but maybe it would be better if we get to customise our own characters so we can look like the character we are playing. Another way to improve is to not show us that video every time we restart the game because I find it quite depressing to see and maybe change the coughing people to more realistic coughs. However overall I am very impressed with this game. Thank you so much for making this game for the younger generation to learn and I am sure so many people are more aware and alert once they have played this. 

Anonymous xoxo

Wow anonymous xoxo,

what an inspiring and great comment you have written. i am so pleased to see some positivity spread in times like these!! Well done, very inspired and pleased! ;/

anonymous xoxo

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Deleted 358 days ago

haha, f u n n y