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anonymous xoxo

A member registered May 18, 2020

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Dear anonymous.xoxo,

I am in tears, what a kind soul you are. You will most definitely grow up to be an amazing young woman or man. You have done your good deed today. Well done once again I shall be telling all of my family about such a heart warming comment. Of course through Boom or whatever you youngens call use now as video chat. ;)

Much Love,

anonymous xoxo

Darling Lucyluboo,

What a comment!! Very happy you too are spreading much love and positivity!! Really appreciate! <3

anonymous xoxo

Wow anonymous xoxo,

what an inspiring and great comment you have written. i am so pleased to see some positivity spread in times like these!! Well done, very inspired and pleased! ;/

anonymous xoxo

This game is extremely entertaining and i found it very addicting. My highest score was 8,549, not very impressive i know but pleasing enough for me. I thought the concept was very good and it definitely teaches younger children a lesson. I found it quite annoying that you had to watch the clip after every time the game ended and like @lucyluboo said, adding or taking away the tick every time was also very tedious. However, aside from that this was an over all good game and the graphics and controls were all good. I also like how it shows that you can catch it from all places eg: cyclers, sneezing, etc. Something to improve might be that you can customise the characters. But like i said this is an overall amazing game and you have one very satisfied player.

Thank you very much,

anonymous xoxo