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this is a really good game and teaches children about the dangers of the virus. i managed to save 100 000 lives and my friend saved 1 billion lives! however, i did find that the message about saving lives after you died each time got very annoying after a few games and i didnt like having to unclick the tutorial version everytime. the game is quite addictive and also extremely fun to play. the graphics are really good and it is a very good idea to include the bicycles and sneezes to show that anyone can spread it.

Darling Lucyluboo,

What a comment!! Very happy you too are spreading much love and positivity!! Really appreciate! <3

anonymous xoxo


You have really inspired me lucy lu boo!! I really am impressed with your kind words! I really am glad you enjoyed this wonderful game and i know you too, like anonymous xoxo, will grow up to be two little angels! You both have made my day! You two sweeties! I think you will change the world! People like you will change the world!!! Thank you very much for making my day so much brighter and happier! 

Anonymous xoxo

why thank you anonymous xoxo

Hello ! Thank you for your feedback. After reading it I updated the game today : you can now restart directly after loosing, and the game will remember wether you want to play tutorial !

Thanks and have fun !