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Okay, on to the reply portion:

1) That's excellent fullscreen on startup will be just fine!

2) Yes, adding a Shift + ESC function would be useful, I could add it as a macro to exit the game in the frontend.

3) Thanks for the suggestions as to keymapping, They would mostly be treated as Hotkeys for important actions from the control panel itself... I would likely have the keyboard handy for everything else, but for quick, arcade plays, button mapping would be a big deal; Implementation of the shift function with my control panel would give users access to all the spells like "secret moves" (for example, holding the P1 "flipper" button would act like a shift key, mapping the other buttons to different spells)

I'll be sure to snap some pics of the cab once it's up and running on my system. Also; I'm using Hyperspin as my front end; I'll be sure to send you my XML configuration files, Xpadder profiles, Hyperspin game theme, and any other artwork (such as bezels, marquee, etc) once they're ready, upon request.

It will probably take me a day or two to get everything humming on my cab; Likely have it implemented by this weekend.

Thanks again! great game by the way!

Update: I snapped some quick photos of my cabinet, Sorry if the pics are not the best:

Arcade Cabinet Photos

Some of the features:

*Slim cabinet with 2-player control panel (Two 8-way joysticks, eight buttons per player not including flipper buttons on sides, 1P and 2P dedicated start buttons two "mouse" buttons on the front. LED lit 2 1/4" arcade trackball)

*Hinged, lockable access door on the front

*Cooling fans in the back of the case, 2.1 stereo Logitech speaker system (with active subwoofer)

*Modular monitor mount with 1080p HD LG 24" LED monitor. Monitor can be rotated (and locked) 90 degrees for vertical or horizontal games. angle is adjustable as well. VESA mount is designed/3D printed by myself. entire monitor assembly is removable for use as a showcase pedestal with a larger HD display.

*Coin door is also 3d printed. available for download from my Thingiverse page for download at

*System is Intel Core2 Duo based, windows 7 64-bit. Added an Nvidia graphics card and plenty of ram. Currently runs MAME, Daphne (laserdisc emulator) Sega Model 2 and Naomi/Atomiswave and some PC based games (soon to include Spellrazor!) More systems and games to come; I have a 500GB HDD to fill!

Additional accessories include (not pictured):

*GT2 Pro force feedback wheel and pedals (for racing games)

*Custom made IR sensor bar to use Wiimotes in light gun games

*Analog flightstick and throttle for Flight sims.

*Triggerstick adapter for games like Battle Zone, Assault, Cybersled and Virtual On (allows player to move two buttons to the joystick) the triggerstick files are also available on my thingiverse page.

*Wireless Logitech Keyboard with touchpad for debugging and more. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

New build is up with the things you asked for.

I just downloaded it; doesn't seem to want to switch to fullscreen by command line execution... Usage?

also tried left shift+ESC and it doesn't seem to want to exit out, brings me to the same "are you sure" screen as if you just hit ESC.

Folder says it's 0.9.11 as well... What am I missing?

Thanks in advance