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Hi there! I just finished playing the game to near completion (I've reached all endings and gotten all the achievements; I'm just missing one stubborn CG from Waltz's route), and I really enjoyed this game. I don't always like to be a completionist with visual novels but this one gave me good reason to, especially if I wanted to know the whole truth about everyone's situation. The level of polish for this game is fantastic. I love the graphic design and the GUI is easy to use, though I guess that's in part because I'm used to visual novels. Most of the sound effects are really appropriate and I always appreciate the extra effort put into a game's sound design. The music for this game was A++ and I know I'm going to keep opening the game just to listen to the music for the rest of this week.

The background art is gorgeous in colour, detail and perspective. These are some of if not the best background layouts I have ever seen in a VN and they really sold me on the game's setting.

Also, I know this is a small thing, but I also want to mention how much I appreciate the sprites changing to match colour and tone with the time of day. I always swore to myself that if I were ever involved with a VN's development I'd help make the sprites change like that. Maybe it's something common in VN's now, but I love the game so much more for that!

The sprites themselves are also really appealing. Over all, the artwork for this game is great and I appreciate the character designs that seem to suit the characters so well (even if the diamond motifs on some characters makes it obvious who they are, I think it ties together well that way). I have to admit I don't like the CGs as much. The anatomy is pretty awkward most of the time, with the characters often squished in the frame, sacrificing good gestural pose and composition for the sake of having the CG in a close up or medium close up shot. I don't think it's awful, though. The artist will definitely get better with practice, and I look forward to seeing them making even better artwork in the future. On a side note, I wish the credits were more easily accessible than just seeing them at the end of a playthrough (though I might not be looking hard enough).

I don't know if there's much value in me talking about the character routes since my experience with them all was very subjective. I would like to say though that Delora is one of my favourite characters - I probably have a small crush on her! I also adore the main character. I'm biased towards personalities like that though. That being said, I'm so glad she is not a doormat character (although that's something I see more often in commercial JP releases than I do in English indie/commercial releases). Rumpel really isn't the type of character I go for but it was still a decent playthrough with some nice scenes in it. If anything, the route I feel most conflicted about is Ritz... Going into [spoilers] here, I feel like that I just didn't get to spend much time with him and that his personal issues are never truly resolved. That makes me feel like even though the MC loved him she never truly understood him or what he was going through before or during the curse. I don't feel like I got to know him better the way I did with everyone else.[/end spoiler] Waltz was definitely my favourite - I have a bias toward his character design but he really became my favourite route once I played through it. It feels like he was definitely meant to be the true route, especially because of how much information the MC knows by the ends of the other routes. In a way, it's a little unfortunate that certain things aren't resolved the way one would like, but I understand that's the point of the game to not have a fairytale ending. I think it's pretty fair.

I had a wonderful time playing this game and was engrossed in it. The Dicesuki team and all the backers of this game have my heartfelt thanks. I look forward to the FD!

P.S. I just realized Dicesuki also did Locked Heart, the last VN I played before Cinderella Phenomenon that I really enjoyed (and also played to completion). I knew some of the artwork seemed familiar!

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Thank you so, so much for the detailed review! We're very happy that you enjoyed the game. As for the art, our artist Kooriiko has been furiously crying about it and vows to do better on our future games. Hopefully that didn't take away your enjoyment with the game though. ;v;

We'll take note on all your comments and improve more.

Again, thank you for playing. :)

Of course! And the artwork didn't really take away my enjoyment. Aside from the anatomy here and there it was still great. Kooriiko, you'll definitely only get better from here! I wouldn't worry about it too much. The reason I wrote all of that is because I love the game and I have a huge amount of respect for everyone who worked so hard on this game. I really wanted those feelings to come across. Thanks for the reply, and best of luck for the future!