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For people who would rather watch gameplay:

This game is very interesting so far. I have only unlocked 4 out of the 9 endings so far, and I can say it's well worth the time if you are into story-driven games. This game's likability lies in its simplicity. Also, I commend you for giving literally everyone credit in the game for every little thing. Most indie games don't do that, or at least I can't find it without looking in the game files. Anyways, I could see this being on steam for maybe a dollar or two, or even on itch.io for a small price. Thanks for making it free though.

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I can die happy, now. Thank you! Thank you, so so much! I wasn't sure about what the reception of my game would be, because this was my first one and I'm a total newbie...(btw, seeing a gameplay felt almost surreal!) but you said so many positive things...thank you, really.

About the other endings: some things are different, but I made this game in a short time, so I didn't really expand the storyline much further. I hope, though, that you will like them anyway.

If you struggle to get them, let me know and I'll write a walkthrough of some sort.

(Ps - sorry for the in game typos - and also, I subscribed ;) )

Also, to skip already seen text, hold Ctrl on your keyboard :)

I will admit, i tried recording for the other endings but struggled. Alot of the different text and paths, give me some of the same endings. Ill let you know tomorrow if I need help. Thank you for the tip btw!