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When I entered the main area, I was instantly reminded of the setup of Frosting. Maia reminds me of Treat as well. 

I wanted to ask, are there multiple endings? I could only get one ending, which seemed relatively good. If there are multiple, how many are there, and could I get a bit of help as to how to get them?

When you said in the description "there is one main ending" it made me think that there is one main ending and a few other, less important endings or something like that

there's one alternate ending, but it basically just cuts the story short. i'll leave it up to you to find because i don't want to post spoilers in the comments so soon hehe. thanks for playing!

Okay. Thank you! I can't wait to see more of your games (specifically more Lonely Wolf Treat hehe). I'll go hunting for that other ending, now. Thanks for this new amazing game!

I think I found it. I assume it's the one that ends with "THE END..?"

yep that's the one! haha