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Really enjoyed this game! You guys did a great job on character and story creation. I especially liked how the details of the story changed for each route, which meant that going through the story again didn't become tiresome! I also liked that the MC wasn't a "good" girl - that was refreshing! It was lovely to see how she changed, although I will admit some of the pairings seemed a little unrealistic at the beginning due to it! ;P Great job on the art - the backgrounds were amazingly detailed! Also really enjoyed the facial expressions. I look forward to your future projects!

Hello there! One of the common complaints of most veteran otome gamers are "copy pasta routes", and that is something we don't want for our games. We want each route to be unique and as enjoyable as the rest of the routes. So we're glad that you enjoyed it. Thank you so much!

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Bless you for that. I'm usually not too hyped after playing the first route in other games because of that issue. With your game I was actually pretty excited to go to the next route and even to the end. I really appreciate the effort you guys took for this game and I look forward to any projects you guys make in the future.