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I think this game has a lot of potential, and I can't wait to play a later build of it! I didn't play though the whole game (I fell through the floor really early on the Jazz side, and can't bring myself to do the maze again), but I loved both the environments (especially the little I saw on the Jazz side! The colours and design are BEAUTIFUL and so interesting to look at!), an the music is great! I think it's a super unique concept overall, I just love the idea of it, and how everything just ties together so well.

Here are some buggy things/notes I took while playing through. Mind you, I went out of of my way a bit to be thorough, but I did my best to be helpful. :)

Blues Side:
- The colours on the Blues side are very dark. It may benefit to brighten it up a bit.
- The book at the beginning- What is the text about if? Tester? Texte? I can't tell what it's supposed to say.
- NPCs will stop dead in their tracks, or walk on the spot/crash into each other and keep walking in place.
- If you stop at any point on the stairs, you slide all the way back down to the bottom.
- Curbs can be hard to get over, like they're too high.
- You can go through the NPCs (not sure the age of the character, but I also feel rather short next to them... Like I feel like I go up to their bellybuttons. Might be intentional).
- Can also see through NPCs and see their outlines if you get too close.
- Speed of character walking is a little slow (though you do seem to go faster if you move diagonally).
- Not sure if this is intentional, but one of the buildings near the beginning (down the street from where you start and to the right, beside three garbage bags) has a staircase without a railing at the top. You're able to repeatedly jump off the side of the platform (again, maybe this is intentional).
- ^^^ same building but on the left at the very end (and later in the forested area).
- You can walk through the brown structure in the forested area (with the two men facing each other at the door, with the different colour pebbles leading up to it).
- You can walk through the trees.
- There is no depth to the pit of instruments- You float over top of it to the other side.
- Maybe a water sound effect and/or a slower speed for walking in the river? Just to differentiate between land and water.
- The statue in the maze rotates to face you wherever you move. Maybe would want to make it stationary in a later build, so it's less confusing when going through the maze (ie. landmarker- I came at the statue facing this way when I walked by it the first time.)
- The maze is VERY difficult right now. I almost gave up.

Jazz Side:
- The first house on the right- The person outside is floating above the ground.
- I tried going up to said floating person and I fell through the ground. :(
- Camera seemed a like glitchy when I was walking on this side.

Overall, great first build! I'm excited to see where this goes! :)

Hello, thank you so much for taking the time to download our game and provide feedback! We will definitely be taking your comments into account to ensure we refine the game and the experience within the next few builds. 

The effort you've gone to to provide such an extensive list is super appreciated - thank you! 

Please watch this space for upcoming updates! Thanks again and stay safe! <3