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Description says everything about this game. You have a unit that can build other units. One that can dig walls (ala Minesweeper, and fuck up, appropriately), one that can attack the enemies that spawn better than others, one that can scout the fog of war better, etc. You collect the little light blue globs of energy to be able to build more.

With a little bit more time, this will be a must-have in any tactical game fan’s library. It’s missing some highlights of a finished game, such as music, more audio, a graphical styling to call its own. I’d also love to see more special unit types that play on the minesweeper format or on the tactical format, like kamikaze diggers that intentionally blow up mines to take out enemies, or units that take out enemies from afar. Or tunnelers. Radars. These are all “would be cool” things. Game is already pretty rad.