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I absolutely loved this game. I'm a huge fan of rpg maker games and zombie games so to find a game that's a combination of the two was a dream come true. I really liked how the game was atmospheric from the start. The mystery and the anticipation of a zombie encounter is probably what got me feeling creeped out. The music really helped me get immersed into the atmosphere of the game as well. However, I do have a few complaints about the game. For one, I didn't like how slow the text can go by in the beginning, and the intro credits at the start was kinda annoying but i see now that they were going for a cinematic feel. Secondly, I would have liked there to be a save feature in the game. There was probably a save point somewhere in the game but the game wasn't clear about it or I didn't reach that point in the game. Besides these few problems, I really found the game to be spectacular. I can't wait for the new update and for the full game to come out. I highly recommend you try this game for yourself.

If you want, you can check out the playthrough I did of the game below:

If you liked what you saw, be sure to check out my channel by clicking on the link below:

Thank you for appreciating our game! Your feedback is really important for us and we are already working on the improved version of this initial demo! On sunday 9th April we will publish the new version of this demo, and we are also preparing the second demo featuring the other playable character! Stay tuned