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I was waiting for this to come out! I normally don't do horror at all, but I just loved the concept. (I hope itch. doesn't start recommend horror games to me since I downloaded this! :P)

Anyway, I LOVE the art style. The art was so whimsical that it suited it perfectly. I like the formula and how easy it is to die (you barely need a guide, haha.) It made me think that I could definitely do a game like that. :P I liked that there were three different protagonists.

The music was also excellent!

Now the romance progressed a bit quickly for me but that's understandable though, since NaNo. If I could say anything, I would say that a proofreader would've been a good thing to have. There were quite a few punctuation issues that didn't make the writing bad, but did make the writing less legible. Generally speaking, I think the protagonists were a little too similar to each other and I think the quiz should've been different (only in the sense that some of the options were clearly paired with a protagonist and therefore too linear.)

Good job completing NaNo!

Hahaha, yeah, most of the bad end answers are preeeetty obvious. =P

Yeah, romance is a bit fast since each date takes place within a day. (Heck, just a few hours really.) And dang it, just shows that Word is terrible at its job. (Amiralo and I went through the script so much gah.)

The 3 girls were originally just one person. The decision to make them different people came way later. (And at that point I was too exhausted to rewrite the story since it was already done and needed to start on bgs. So them being the same-ish is my bad.) As for the quiz, I didn't want to put those generic questions. So obvious answers it was hahahaha.

Thanks for the advice! I'll keep it in mind next time I write a story and work on a new vn.