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The demo is awesome...but, why have the devs decided not to interact with the many hopefuls who have waited years (?) for information since the demo. They fail to stay in contact with the many who are wanting some (any) information on progress.  This "to me" is somewhat of a bad reflection on the developer who has not answered any questions or provide info on updates, and this has been reflected by many others.  Why can't they post a small update once a month (or even once every quarter) is beyond me. Sure, it's just one guy but damn, how hard is it to type a small update giving us some hope that this is still a viable product. Where they are on development? When is it expected to be released? It makes me wonder "IF" the game ever comes out, will you ever get replies to questions or problems then? Considering the history of not replying, it makes me very skeptical about future support (since it's just one guyif you have questions or problems. Love the game, and I think it may be a real winner, but it's very frustrating not to hear from them (even on Discord) over such long periods of time.  It wouldn't be the first time something (like this) got this far, and then it turned out to be vaporware. I'm hoping that isn't the case since it has so much promise, but without any information from them, who knows how long it will be.

Thank you for putting this in to words.