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I really enjoyed this game a lot! I also can't believe I only just found this game, I look up visual novels pretty regularly on I loved the writing, the narrator Dan is hilarious! I'm glad to hear that you're planning to make him his own route. Todd was my favorite route because I didn't expect him to act this way, but overall I enjoyed both!

I'm super impressed with the quality of the games you produce during NaNoRenOs, I love your writing, your artstyle and your stories! So I will definitely look forward to your futur games :) (I also played Part I of Red-Handed Robin and loved it) Good luck!


NaNoRenO has really helped me as a VN dev. I tend to obsess over imperfections and rewrite/redraw over and over unless I have a strict deadline. I might not have put any games at all if it weren't for NaNo.

Thanks so much for playing both this and Red-Handed Robin!