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orz i cant seem to get any endings except the bad ending? do you happen to have a guide anywhere? i really want to complete the game since it's so cute! T--T

First off, thanks for playing!

Second off, I typed up a guide.


Hoping this helps you get off the resentment path~! ^^ Please do drop by after completion. :3

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Hi there! I'm quite happy for being able to see a walkthrough here. :)

But after looking at it, I've noticed that I already followed Atsu's route correctly (even without the guide yet). However, I got the bad ending. Just to make sure, I've played the whole thing all over again (this time following the walkthrough for Atsu), but still got the same bad ending. What's happening??! T_T

It's past 2am and I'm thoroughly checking what's wrong with what I'm doing. I've replayed the game like 10 times already and still finds no luck. Is windows version broken or something? T_T

I just really feel frustrated, disheartened and insomniac about not knowing how to fix this. Fuuuuu. I super duper want to see the best end. Please help!! :'(

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Wah, I'm so sorry you went through all that trouble! The bad end was made so that it was the hardest to get unless you wee blatantly mean.

But I checked out the issue, and it's true there was a sliiighht little hitch in the coding side and all this happened because I typed the walkthrough from memory.

Anyways, will be uploading the fix soon.

For now, Quickfix, I've edited the walkthrough... T^T . (If you still have save files from your previous playthough, just choose one wrong option ie 3/4, so maybe Accuse the pink girl at the aquarium and it should lead you on Atsu's path)

(I wanted the good ending to be available even if one mistake was made, it ended up being that it would only show up IF that one mistake was made)

Again, really really REALLY sorry for all the trouble! I hope Atsu'll make up for it! T^T

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Hello again!! :D

Before anything else, I would like to thank you for your timely aid. I oh-soooo appreciate your concern towards me/us. Really, I send you my heartfelt thanks~ hugggs~ <3

You exactly know what this means... Bingo! I finally got Atsuya's ending!! (by following your new sets of instructions) and I have resurrected from the abyss of darkness, depression and suffering! XD I knew I sounded desperate during the time when I posted my sudden appealing for help here, feeling somewhat like bitter and eager for answers, but it doesn't change the fact that I unquestionably enjoyed your game (even when I was experiencing the bewilderment of not being able to escape the bad end). Everything about it is just awesomely addicting. From the art, to the settings, music, characters, events, etc., all of it!

The storyline sent me chills, in a good way though. During the start of the game, I was like "Meh. Another rich brat princess as heroine. So common.-__-" BUT I WAS SO SO WRONG. It was a huge mistake to even criticize it before finishing the entire game. Indeed, I came to love Shuna <3 She's not the typical demure, noble girl. Rather, she's actually a brave one, confrontational, forthright, cute and silly in many funny ways. In addition, it was my first time to fall in love with a nameless faceless man. LOL. As I dive more into the story, it was getting harder and harder for me to resist him. More likely because I admire the way he speaks, how he formally and gentlemanly utters archaic words. It's fascinating! Plus, he's really nice to everyone, no exceptions. Oh, he's just too adorable. o(>///<)o But hey, don't get me wrong. I like Atsuya a lot too! (that's why I made a fuss of getting here and asking for help, lols) His brotherly figure and character are definitely a thumbs up for me. (I personally want an older brother like hiiiiiim..!) I didn't know he's capable of being that pretentious, hiding the fact that he liked Shuna way way back then. (oops, spoilers) The relationship between the two them is magnificently precious and irreplaceable. Every dramatic moment hits my heart with pain and sometimes I feel stuffy and out of breath. (Yeah, I'm so into it. XD) Coupled with the hilarious events, not to mention realistic interactions between people in our generation, 101% perfection!!! <3

By the way, before playing this, I stumbled across Pastelrain (without even knowing it was you who made it too, ohooo) and tried to play it early in the afternoon yesterday. I had fun! Especially when I got the good end in the first run. Then that same day, during night time, I played this (Sisterzoned) and noticed the similarities. It was like a dejavu for me, or maybe I was imagining things, I thought at first. But the nostalgia was really nagging at me for real. Then bam! It hit me. The people behind these games must be the culprits. And viola! I was right on the mark. XD

Anyway, playing your games were super exhilarating. You're the greatest and best!!! I will continue to support you, your team and your upcoming games and projects! <3