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Some constructive criticism (please know this is all in good intentions)
1. polish movement

right now the game's movement feels janky and buggy, and in several locations i had to progress in ways i thought were out-of-bounds

talking about out of bounds i get to my second point

2. Make progression clear

in several parts of the game (the floating islands part especially) i had absolutely no idea what to do and mindlessly climbed around for half an hour. now i dont know if im bad or something but it seems rushed 

3. why does it take 15 seconds to die when i fall off

this is self explanatory

4. bug fix

i ran into multiple bugs on my own and hav noticed a lot of complaints in the comments about this

Overall the game feels very rushed and unpolished. i think the game has potential and could be great but i feel you got too exited and released the game early. 


Thanks for the specific feedback, Dunamis!

I indeed still have a lot of work to do polishing the movements. As some of the other comments mentioned, these are things I didn't catch when testing, so I'm glad I shared it with the wider public.

Progression can likely be fixed with more environmental cues, I'll keep this in mind.

A lot of these issues are due to the fact that it's a jam game I finished in about 4 days or so. I hope this doesn't put you off from the potential of the mechanic to be used in full games.

I'll likely continue to release small demos like this as I polish the climbing mechanic. When it's done I will work on a full game and take more time to polish it up.

Hope you enjoyed nonetheless, and that you follow my work! :)

Ahh that makes more sense. its good for a jam game!