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thanks for the answer, im using the PlayStation 4 controller on Windows, but i can`t do anything if i wont go down must i press right up is left, so yeah its dont work really well :D

edit: and i can`t change it, i can press on my pad only L2 and R2 for changing

edit 2: We need a escape button for the intro -.-`

Hey lilRob,

Sorry you're having problems with the ps4 controller it should work right out of the box, maybe you have another program managing the PS4 controller? This might conflict with it, It should work without needing anything. Let me know if you can't get it to work i'll take another look at it

You can skip the intro by holding Start/Options I'll add a graphic that shows that you can do it to the next update.


Hey lilRob,

Following up with Rafi's response-- are you using a client such as DS4Windows or are you using the PS4 controller via bluetooth? As Rafi said, programs like DS4W may conflict. But Bluetooth should be working.