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Aww, I'm glad you ended up liking the little demo :3 I'm really excited to work on this again properly once I've finished my main project, SR! 

Random question for ya, for the full version, would you personally prefer it with, or without voice acting? Haha. I can't decide whether to have it voiced or not x3

Anyways, thanks so much for taking the time to comment and have fun with your jam entry! Good luck :3


Helloooo uwu I am also looking forward for the main project!

For the full version, I think I would prefer it without voice acting? There are more than 5 characters and finding voice actor would be quite hard considering that it is BL.

You're welcome, and thank you!!! <3

Awesome stuff :3 Well, thank you for sharing your opinion, it's much appreciated! I really love voice acting, but you have a very good point about it probably being hard to find voices for all the characters in a BL game. If I did somehow find a suitable cast, it would still be possible to play without voices on cos you can turn the SFX off in config menu :D Buuuut, because I have to put the voices as SFX it means all the normal SFX for atmosphere would be muted too :( haha. I guess I could try making 2 different downloads, one voiced, and one not, then people could choose :3

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend anyways!