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1) Can I scale global map? If not, that's pretty bad.

2) Esc may be pretty great for exiting Society view. And there are no reason for main menu button, preferably use Esc for that.

3) There are no charts about cities, armies etc. That would be pretty great.

And except for that 3 things - that pretty interesting game, I really enjoyed it. Thanks.

Thanks for the feedback. Appreciate it.

1) You can now. Added into the version 2. Mouse wheel and/or "z" and "x" key. You're definitely right, though, it was sorely lacking.

2) I've currently got it as "left shift" in version 2, but that may change to a different key. One day, I may even implement user key-bindings, it's on the very long todo list.

3) Charts are also planned. I was planning a cities chart, I'll also add an armies chart based on your feedback.