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I feel like if William Carlos Williams had let his cat out, there's a chance it would have triggered his state-of-the-art burglar light (can't have just anyone waltzing in and stealing delicious, so sweet, so cold plums from the icebox), and the artificial light would have briefly overcome the low visibility of the red part of the spectrum at night, allowing Williams to see from his kitchen window the precise, hue of the wheelbarrow and therefore how much depended on it: namely its ability to interrupt his frenzied plum-thirst and ensure that Florence's precious cargo survived until morning.

:DDDDD this is an amazing idea, seriously tempted to try and implement it :D the knowledge of the barrow's hue and its concomitant dependability could act as a kind of 'potion' to replenish William Carlos' Willpower so that he can not eat the plums for ~6 hours real time, until eventually it cuts to Florence coming downstairs in the morning and saying "William! What on earth are you doing staring into the ICEBOX? And pass my PLUMS over while you're there darling, I've been saving them for this exact occasion."