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Hi! Thanks for the feedback :) In response for some points:

1. Yeah. The UI is one of the less worked parts of this project. I'm only work on this after the deadline to made minimal usable for the final users (the initial UI and menus were very very simple and basic).

2. The lifebars are a obligatory requisite for the practical exercise by part of the teachers :) (and the code to manage this have a very little performance cost).

3. Yeah, another obligatory requisite. The requisite limited us to implement the all shoots as fisical bullets throw from the weapons by forces using the physics system. The ideal way wiould be implement this as a ray, for the instant impact or for ensure the target if the bullet has retard, and use a trace renderer for show the shoots.

The unoptimization is come for how is implemented much of the elements and mechanics by the forced limitation requisites. For example, all objects, like bullets or particles, are created and destroyed continuously instead of using an object pool (the teachers want to see if we learned to use the Unity3D basic functions and concepts to instantiate and destroy objects in scene), and other perfomance problems are related for how is comunicate between game entities in scene (masive use of FindObjectByType and similar Unity3D functions for example).

Thinks that is the first practical excercise of the master degree and the pourpose of this little projects is evaluate our level of what we have learned in class (thinks that is like an practical exam). The goal no is reach to made a final quality game (and less in one month of development). This is the pourpose of the final project (with a duration of 3 months to develop and no requisite limits).

Anyway, thanks again for all your feedback. I appreciate much all feedback received. Is an important way to improve my work on future projects, and I'm glad you liked the game :)