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Hello! Enjoyed the game, like the overall presentation and the soundtrack was killer. One thing I'd reccomend is maybe try to have various starting points for the song when starting a battle, as most fights were very quick so I did not hear much of the track many times. Just an idea for you though -- thanks for the game!


Thank you very much for playing! Im glad you enjoyed it and I hope you get to experience the full version when it releases later this year. It will have a lot of improvements.

Your sound fix is a really good idea, I wonder if there is a way of doing it in RPGMV... I will have to investigate!

I'm not a developer so take this with a grain of salt; but could you potentially use different files of the same track that just start at different points? And have it randomly choose the different start points as you enter the battle.

Not to mean disrespect I'm very new to indie community stuff so I don't know proper etiquette :P

Hmm... that might be possible, but then I would also have to make each version of that track loop properly as well. I will look into it!